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Member Since: 2014

Sales Type: Online Sales / Online Auctions / Sealed Bid

Social Media: Facebook

Public Sale Days: Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday

Public Sale Hours: Monday - Friday | noon - 4:00pm


The Surplus Store has been in existence since the mid 1960s. It started out with a one day auction held in July of each year until 1968 when it was relocated to the North 9th Street Warehouses. This enabled the University to hold auctions more often. Over time, the auctions were phased out and the Surplus Store was started. In the spring of 2004, the Surplus Store relocated to the INOK building, where it remained for 12 years. In October of 2015, the Surplus Store finally moved to a campus location in the MMDC building where we receive good used surplus from the West Lafayette campus as well as regional campuses every day.

Reduce landfill and return revenue back to the university through the sale, recycle, or redistribution of assets.