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The USPA has been helping University's and Colleges for over 2 decades. As technology changes and becomes a more ever growing part of our daily lives, the USPA has been an invaluable source for information to ensure your data doesn't leave your building. Learning how to securely wipe data from equipment, determine high value metals, and ideas on how to up-cycle furniture that might not normally sell. The USPA is the Association for you.

The USPA Conference registration is CLOSED due to reaching capacity at our conference center location.

Data Security
Vendor Help

Hard Disk Drives

Learn how to wipe data from hard disk drives
Data Security

Solid State Drives

Solid state drives need to be wiped differently
Data Security

Hybrid Drives

Can you securly wipe data from a hybrid drive
Data Security


Learn how to Up-Cycle pallets

Vinyl Records

Create a bowl out of old vinyl records


Turn books into more valuable items

Asset Software

Learn about our vendors that offer asset software
Vendor Help

E-Waste Disposal

Contact our vendors who deal with e-waste disposal
Vendor Help

Auction Sites

List those hard to sell items on our vendors websites
Vendor Help

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A vast amount of knowledge and experience are available here to members. Contact us for more details, or sign up as a member to gain access.

Access To Policies

Gain access to policies and procedures that have already been created. Don't waste time creating them from scratch.

Increase Sales

Use the knowledge of our members to increase your sales. Get new ideas on where to market and ideas on Up-Cycling..

Vendor Support

Our Vendor partners are the best in their field. They are here to help the USPA members in any and every area. They offer specialized software, hardware, e-waste recycling, and much more.

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USPA members on average make more money per item than non-members.
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Is your business looking for a wider audience? The USPA is always looking for new vendors to offer their expertise to it's members. Showcase your business at the annual USPA conference and talk to our members.
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    The USPA host's a annual conference around the USA. Each year a member will volunteer to host the conference. Members are always excited to travel to a new University or College and see how the host's operation is run and to learn more.

  • Board of Directors.

    Meet the Board of Directors for the USPA.

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